Castle Rocks State Park Fishing Pond to close to remove illegally introduced goldfish

Goldfish illegally introduced into Castle Rock State Park Pond requires Fish and Game to eradicate all fish from the pond

Castle Rocks State Park Fishing Pond will be closed to public access beginning January 20, 2023. It’s anticipated to reopen to the public in early May 2023. The closure will allow fisheries biologists from the Magic Valley Region to apply a substance that will kill all fish in the pond.

Illegally introduced goldfish in Heagle Park Pond in Hailey are eradicated using rotenone in 2020

The project is a collaboration between Castle Rocks State Park and Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Magic Valley Region. Fish and Game staff will apply rotenone to Castle Rocks Fishing Pond to remove illegally introduced goldfish. Rotenone is a plant-derived fish toxicant that is widely used for fish control projects throughout the United States. All public access to the project area will be restricted during the closure period. Hatchery fish stocking of Castle Rocks Pond will resume following the completion of the project.

“It’s unfortunate that we have to close public access to the Castle Rocks State Park fishing pond, but it’s necessary since goldfish were illegally introduced there” commented Tucker Brauer, Regional Fishery Biologist with the Magic Valley Region, “This is our only recourse to re-set the pond to support sport-fish that anglers love to catch.”

Illegally introduced fish can cause serious damage to natural ecosystems and are extremely difficult to remove once established. Idaho Department of Fish and Game would like to remind the public that individuals illegally transplanting fish where they don’t belong can be held legally responsible for the financial costs to restore the fishery to its prior condition. These restoration related costs can total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The act of introducing fish into another waterbody can also result in a felony charge. It is everyone’s responsibility to help keep Idaho’s waterways free from invasive species.

If you have questions regarding this project, please contact the Magic Valley Regional Office at (208) 324 – 4359