Wildlife Express: Mountain lions are one of Idaho’s top predators

What do you call a large wild cat with a long tail? Some call them cougars, pumas, or panthers, but here in Idaho, most call them mountain lions.

Mountain lions are found all across Idaho in a wide range of habitats. In this month’s edition of Wildlife Express, learn about predators and prey, what to do if you encounter a mountain lion and more.

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During the spring wildlife baby boom, young animals are better off left alone

Spring is here, and so is the peak of baby wildlife season. People are bound to see young wildlife when they venture outdoors during the spring and early summer, and there is a pretty good chance that they will see a baby animal that appears to be alone, with mom nowhere in sight.

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Human/wildlife conflict – what does that look like?

Most bears we see in Idaho are black bears, and as spring arrives, they will be waking from their winter sleep, leaving their cozy dens to find food. This month’s Wildlife Express covers these surprisingly shy, secretive animals, as well as springtime activities to enjoy outdoors to beat the winter blahs.

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